Rise Together

Become Part of the Arise Family

It's not easy to just jump right into a new thing, especially if you're not the best at the "church" thing. That's okay! Our Rise Together gatherings are intended to help you learn more about Arise, yourself, God, and what it means to be a part of the Arise family. Learn more and sign up below!

Newcomer's Lunch

Join us on the first Sunday of each month for a free lunch where you'll meet some Arisers, get answers to your questions, and learn a little more about our church. These no-pressure meetings take place right after the second service (usually around 11:15am) in the Worship Center at Arise. Signup below or by emailing office@arisestl.com

Next Newcomer's Lunches

  • Sunday, November 1, 11:15AM at Arise
  • Sunday, December 6, 11:15AM at Arise
  • Sunday, January 3, 11:15AM at Arise

Rise Together Online

Following the Newcomer's Lunch, we'll connect with you through some online content that's designed to help you better understand yourself, your place in the Church, and the Great Tradition of Christianity.

In our Toolbox for the Christian Life, we'll connect you to some fantastic resources to help you take your next steps in faith.

In You and Your Gifts, you'll learn about who God has made you to be and how you can use and grow those gifts through a life of service.

In Christianity 101, we'll introduce you to the major teachings and landmarks of Christianity so you can better understand not only what you believe, but why.

Next Steps

After you've been attending Arise for a while, we encourage you to consider officially making Arise your church home. At the Next Steps meeting, we talk about the idea of church membership, including what it means to be an active member at Arise. Signup below or by emailing office@arisestl.com

Next Next Steps: Sunday, December 20, 11:15AM at Arise

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