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Learn and Grow Together

Life and faith are better when we're doing it together. No one was meant to go through life alone. At Arise, small groups are all about learning about God, ourselves, and the world together. No two groups are exactly the same. Some are ongoing, some last a semester. Some are cover a particular topic, some are just about life. Some include all kinds of people, some include people just like you. What kind of group do you want to connect with?

Fall 2021 Groups

--Young Adult Groups--

Young Adults - Wednesdays

Max Herndon and MaryAnna Prahlow | 7pm Wednesdays at Arise

Young Adults - Thursdays

Jacob and Hayley Prahlow | 6pm Thursdays in Affton

Young Adults - Fridays

Michael and Rebekah Brush | 7pm Fridays at Arise

Young Adults - Sundays

Roger and Kelsey Jackson | 6pm Sundays at Arise - Kidcare Provided

--Focused Groups--

Women's Bible Study

Katie Hardee | 6:30pm Thursdays via Zoom

Men's Bible Study: The Sin of Certainty

Don Schisler | 6:30am Fridays at Arise

Beyond Recovery: Creating a Life Free of Addiction

Dr. Matt Lenze | 6pm Tuesdays in the Arise Study

Single Parents

Ashley Price | Every other Sunday morning in the Arise Room of Requirement

Wednesday Evening Study - TBD

Jacob Prahlow | 6pm Wednesdays at Arise

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