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The Big Picture

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Series Intro: Sometimes, the big picture provides the vantage point we need to really understand. Sometimes, there are messages and ideas and themes in Scripture that are hard to see when we’re in the details but come into clearer focus when we zoom out. In this series, we’re “zooming out” with Scripture and looking at the whole Bible over the course of ten weeks by examining what large pieces of Scripture say about the Story of God.

The Big Picture So Far

  • Creation and Fall
  • Call of Abraham
  • Freedom from Slavery
  • Giving of the Law
  • Conquest of Canaan
  • Judges
  • United Kingdom: Saul, David, and Solomon
  • The Divided Kingdom: Fighting and Conflict and Exile

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  • How does today’s message resonate with you?
  • What questions does this message raise for you?
  • What actions does this message encourage you to take?
  • How can you dig deeper into today’s message?

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