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Bible Reading

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2021 Bible Reading Plans

Consistently engaging Scripture is one of the best ways to become more like Jesus. But for many of us, reading a random passage here and there can be disjointed, or even worse, confusing. Maybe you've read your Bible for a bit and afterwards wondered, Um, what did I just read? Or maybe you've tried a Bible reading plan before, only to get stuck in Leviticus or not make it through February.

Well, in partnership with The Bible Recap, we're here to help! Below are a couple of Bible reading plans for 2021. But instead of just including a plan and a good luck, The Bible Recap provides tools for the journey--including a daily recap podcast to help you better understand and reflect on what you've just read. Just follow the three steps below to get started (and find some additional tools below).

Don't just read Scripture this year--learn from it and learn to love it too!

Get Started with The Bible Recap

Step #1: Download the Bible App or Print Your Plan (below)

Step #2: Pick Your Plan: Do you want to read the New Testament (3 months) or the Whole Bible (1 year)?

Step #3: Subscribe to The Bible Recap Podcast

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  • NOTE: The Bible Recap launches episodes daily, starting on Jan 1. If you start at any point after that, you may consider scrolling back to beginning and then adjusting your settings to play the episodes in sequential order.

Additional Tools

Want some accountability?

Want some accountability with your Bible reading? Let us know you're reading the Bible this year and we'll check in on you from time to time to offer some encouragement!